Presenting KamMobile

Today’s announcement is such a huge one we couldn’t fit it into a tweet, so let’s get into it. We’ve already talked about how the most successful method of providing alternative financial access in Africa has been through mobile networks and increased smartphone ownership, and how it has the fastest uptake of any region in the world, that is a big reason why we want KamPay to be a mobile-friendly coin. 

With that in mind, we felt that a big part of the population that might not have access to a smartphone or even to internet coverage couldn’t join the crypto-verse. So, how can we solve this issue? KamPay's CTO, Yigal Weinberger, has crafted an amazing system that will propel crypto adoption not only across Africa but every technological developing country and solve that issue at the same time. The solution is KamMobile.

The technology our team is working on will allow people who only have access to mobile and text messages to buy and sell cryptocurrency through SMS. Here is the why and how: KamPay is going to start the African Economic Revolution, but it wouldn’t be a true revolution if 2/3 of the mobile users weren’t involved, so by partnering up with whole host of local Telco operators and Africa Grain and Seed, we will make sure over 640 Million people get to join us. Not only that but by pairing it with ZymPay, merchants will have even more options to accept payment, boosting the economy in unimaginable ways.

By providing inexpensive mobile phones across communities and using the already massive adoption of mobile money in Africa in our favor, we can substantially raise the number of crypto users on the continent. For those who are not familiar with the concept, mobile money is a service that stores funds in a secure electronic account, linked to a mobile phone number. Now you are probably wondering, how will the trading work? It’s quite simple, by sending a code through SMS, the user can transfer their funds and use it to buy or sell any coins available to them. With KamMobile, using crypto is going to be as easy as sending a text message.

And if that is not enough, we have more for you. We didn’t forget that this new technology would also increase the number of people in need of a wallet for their newly acquired crypto, that’s why KamMobile will allow users to go to a physical store that supports the KamPay merchant wallet (another product we presented this week) and actually start a cryptocurrency wallet that will be completely powered by KamPay. All this, using SMS.

All this is currently under work, we’ll be launching in Q4 2021 the ability for farmers in Zimbabwe via African Grain and Seed to be able to open a crypto wallet via SMS leveraging our partnership with Tingo mobile. By Q1-2022, we will be launching a beta platform for mobile money/fiat to crypto purchasing with a major rollout expected in Q2-2022. the team is pulling out all the stops to make sure KamMobile lives up to everything it can be, so stay alert for all the updates on this project and much more. 11.11 isn’t over for us, so don’t miss out on our next announcements, join the conversation on Telegram: or follow us on Twitter:

Yigal Weinberger


Yigal Weinberger has worked as a lead Data Scientist with some of the biggest security companies in the world, and has been a programmer, hacker and self-proclaimed data geek since he was 11.