KamPay x diginexESG

KamPay is all about the future, and as we know, sustainability is an increasing priority for businesses around the world. As COP26 just ended on the 12 November, and as we get ready to reach agreed sustainability goals, we need to be aware of our impact. Reporting on ESG has become a necessity, and since you can't monitor what you don't measure, we are partnering with diginexESG to provide transparent, easy, fast and affordable reporting to businesses. All that using blockchain technology to make it more efficient and transparent.

There are many business benefits to sustainability reporting. The active disclosure and communication of a company’s environmental, social and governmental (ESG) impacts is key to future-proofing business success in a world that is increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability.

More than that, reporting ESG will allow businesses to take proactive measures and adopt forward-thinking best practices to improve their value in the eyes of stakeholders and investors.

diginexESG will make the reporting up to 6  times faster by having all data on one platform, so business owners and managers can focus on running and growing their businesses. diginexESG is also intuitive, affordable and effective since users can share ESG data with greater transparency by using blockchain technology.

All in all, our partnership will help companies to:

  • Appeal to investors and attract capital
  • Stay ahead of regulatory requirements
  • Manage risks stemming from ESG issues
  • Obtain real value and better terms from the financial sector
  • Build reputation and trust amongst customers and business partners
  • Increase employee retention and motivation
  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Create a competitive advantage

This is another milestone for KamPay as we work to change the world and break the boundaries of how crypto and blockchain can help us do that.

If you run a business and are interested in our new diginexESG x KamPay reporting offering, let’s have a chat.

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Dov Marcus


A passionate Crypto investor since 2012, with deep understanding of marketing and business development, over the past few decades Dov Marcus has built many successful multi-million businesses as an entrepreneur and as an investor.