KamPay Staking Live on Coinsbit

We are excited to announce another big milestone to the Kampay project. We are officially live for staking on Coinsbit! The initial liquidity for Kampay is going to be 500K USD, meaning there will be potential staking of 17M USD.


  • MINIMUM - 1000
  • MAX - 10,000,000 - 1 month 2.8%
  • Withdraw anytime

This is a huge step for KAMPAY as it is not only a way to increase interest KamPay interest but also making our token even more accessible. Why is that? Well, mining can be very costly, and having the right tools for it is becoming harder and harder. Staking takes away the need to invest in equipment and allows anyone that is interested in contributing to the African Economic Revolution to have access to Kampay.

By staking, you earn more tokens and help support Kampay at the same time. That’s because we rely on holders staking to verify transactions and keep everything running smoothly, so you will be an important part of our growth.

Find the Staking page here: https://coinsbit.io/staking-pool/plan/612

Make sure to  join the conversation on Telegram: https://t.me/KamPayOfficial

or follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KamPayToken. We will be updating you every step of the way.