KamPay now on Quickswap

To make the African Economic Revolution a reality, we need to be where the people are. Giving more options for users of KamPay to exchange and trade enables greater financial freedom, reaching more of the 95m unbanked whose lives we plan to change for the better. Today we are proud to announce another milestone: KamPay will are live on Quickswap on 09/09/2021

According to ID4D Global Dataset, there are 1 Billion people in the world without proof of identity, over 80% of them in Subsaharan Africa and South Asia. The requirements for traditional finance to have proof of identity prevents them from accessing essential services like banking and telecommunications. Quickswap users can trade their coins without signing up or completing any KYC processes. All users need is a wallet to connect to the platform and MATIC to pay transaction fees, making them a valuable partner for us and helping us make the African economic revolution genuinely inclusive. Quickswap achieves this by using the AMM model, it creates liquidity pools of tokens that users can access to swap, meaning they don't trade as makers or takers but instead interact with a smart contract. 

Details on the liquidity pool address are as follows:

Address - 0x39fc9e94caeacb435842fadedecb783589f50f5f


This new exchange listing is an important step on our journey. We believe the combination of KAMPAY and Quickswap's speed and affordable transaction fees will enable millions of people to confidently engage in trades and achieve true financial freedom in the long run.

As we keep working to include more options for people to join our economic revolution, we will announce new listings soon.

We are KamPay.

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