KamPay now on Cointiger

As the days go by, we get closer and closer to our objective. We are so happy to see that our community keeps growing, and every partnership we close is to make sure more people can have access to KamPay.

That is why we are thrilled to announce that KAMPAY Token is now listed on Cointiger! The CoinTiger platform is a global and innovative crypto-asset exchange that provides multi-cryptocurrency trading services in multi-language support to aid in the transaction of cryptocurrency, which means people of any background will be able to trade KAMPAY comfortably.

CoinTiger’s most unique feature that sets it apart from the others lies in its low trading fees. It charges a trading fee of 0.15% for takers and 0.08% for makers, both of which are significantly lower than the global industry average of 0.25%. This makes the exchange an ideal platform to help champion crypto adaptation in Africa. Aside from its lower trading fees, Cointiger provides convenient and functional trading terminals for beginners and professionals. These fees and terminals will help us reach many people, that is what makes this listing such a big step in our journey. 

Details on the liquidity pool address are as follows:

Address: 0x8e984e03ab35795c60242c902ece2450242c90e9

As we keep working to include more options for people to join our economic revolution, we will announce new listings soon.

We are KamPay.

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