KamPay Lists on FMFW.io Exchange

On 8 th February, $KAMPAY was officially listed on FMFW.io Exchange. With this listing,

$KAMPAY is now available for trading, with KAMPAY/BTC and KAMPAY/USDT being

the available trading pairs.

Listing on the FMFW.io Exchange brings more benefits for the KamPay community.

Increasing accessibility and giving holders more freedom on their exchanges of choice,

and increasing exposure to the entire FMFW userbase. It opens up more options for

holders to make money through trading and other investment opportunities.

However, this is not the end of our exchange journey, and the KamPay team is pushing

for more exchange listings,

About FMFW.io

The FMFW.io Exchange (formerly known as Bitcoin.com Exchange) and the acronym

"FMFW," standing for "Free the money, free the world", is on a mission to free the

money, free the world. The exchange is designed to offer ease-of-use features and

provide a reliable platform where anyone can start trading cryptocurrencies. FMFW.io

has over 400 trading pairs and offers deep liquidity. The platform has 24/7 multilingual

support and 100% uptime.