Kampay Lists on Coinfield Exchange

Every day we work hard towards our goal of creating a lifelong African Economic Revolution. Today we are excited to announce another groundbreaking partnership that will help us achieve what we want the most: to bring more financial freedom to African citizens. Welcome to our journey, Coinfield.

KamPays initiative is focusing on reducing the number of unbanked citizens in Africa and teaching them channels, tools, and technologies that can improve their financial and personal lives. Coinfield is a leading exchange platform that hosts a variety of cryptocurrencies. The company offers trading options against six different fiat currencies including EUR, USD, CAD, GBP, JPY, and AED, and currently operates in 187 countries.

KamPay began with the goal of changing the current african economic structure. That objective is ever closer, and CoinField’s operations will help make it happen. The company has been in the market for 4 years providing a virtual currency wallet system supervised by Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) that ensures users can trade smoothly, counting on a technology guarded by first-tier security. This strategic partnership will enable our users to trade on the go and be backed up by a fast, reliable platform. As CoinField plans to develop its own CFC blockchain, we hope to keep bringing its innovative products to our users and co-work to create a worry-free future for assets management.

This new exchange listing is an important step on our journey as CoinField has a strong focus across African nations. We believe the combination of KAMPAY and Coinfield’s fast and affordable transaction fees will help many people to confidently engage in trades and move towards true financial freedom in the long run. With that in mind, we’ll start with 2 trading pairs, Kampay/CFC and KamPay/USDT, increasing that number as this partnership evolves.

Here are the pairs:

KMPAY/CFC - https://trade.coinfield.com/pro/trade/KMPAY-CFC

KMPAY/USDT - https://trade.coinfield.com/pro/trade/KMPAY-USDT

As we keep growing our ideas to strengthen the future of economic revolution, we will announce new listings soon.

We are KamPay.