Five African blockchain startups to keep an eye on

Africa’s burgeoning journey towards the crypto world has sparked positive changes in the lives of citizens all across the continent, paving the way for new markets to keep pace with a series of movements that ensure it will keep growing in the right direction. In the past two years, African nations have been working on their reputation in the tech world and honed in on crypto possibilities to testify to their willingness to open up to modern solutions that can change the course of their economies for good.  

As Africa prepares to become a hub of blockchain progress, entrepreneurs have been bringing their ideas to the continent and betting on its crypto-curious ecosystem to turn them into reality. The global economy is undeniably walking side by side with digital changes brought about by the era of blockchain technology, and Africa is a place that seems to be embracing all of its potentials. We have curated some exciting blockchain business ideas blooming in Africa’s new tech-friendly context with promising projects that might make you come back for updates on them. Here is our list:  

Akoin city

If you associated the name of the company with the famous African-American singer Akon, you are correct. Akon is a blockchain curious, and his interest sparked a quite ambitious idea. Akon has once made history in the music industry, but now he is putting his efforts elsewhere. The Senegalese singer and entrepreneur is building a futuristic project in Senegal worth $6 billion, and the initiative is ambitious: he wants to have his own city. In Akon's dreamland, the primary currency will be the akoin cryptocurrency (AKN), a token that officially entered the crypto market in 2020. He hopes to implement the Akoin cryptocurrency system for over 35,000 residents, 2,000 merchants, and 20,000 workers that will be part of the city. Would you be down to join Akoin city’s population?


Two siblings from the Democratic Republic of Congo started the project at the beginning of this year, intending to create a complete Web3 project that can offer multiple possibilities to citizens all over Africa. Their crypto startup has already raised USD 30 million in investment and the money will be used to develop what the owners call the "super app" of Africa, based on play-to-earn frameworks that will bring users closer to the concept of digital economy. The idea is to create a platform that works like the centralized WeChat from the Chinese multinational entertainment and technology group Tencent, which offers a myriad of possibilities inside a single mobile interface. On WeChat, users can connect with friends, administer money transfers, pay bills, book plane and train routes, shop for goods, and make healthcare appointments. The creators of Jambo wish to design something similar but directly projected for the needs of African citizens. 

H2O Securities

This South African company targets financing options for water supply infrastructure and attracted attention a couple of months ago when it announced the launch of the first crypto token dedicated to this industry. Their blockchain-based innovative idea has already attracted a $150 million investment from Global Emerging Markets, and the money will be used to accelerate the project and ensure that their token $H2ON will soon be part of the crypto market.

Sun Exchange

This startup, also based in South Africa, significantly impacted the renewable energy industry with its groundbreaking idea. The platform allows users from all over the world to invest in solar energy projects using Bitcoin and offers a convenient channel for bitcoin owners to purchase solar energy systems. Users can then offer these assets to other businesses, educational institutions, and communities, expanding access to clean energy and solid energy infrastructures. Sun Exchange started its operations mainly in South Africa, but it is already expanding its project to other African nations. Kenya is the first on the list.


Bitland is a startup from Ghana that has created a blockchain-based land registration process for Africans to gain full control of legal ownership of their lands. The idea was created to overcome the negative impacts of years of colonialism inside the African continent and bring more safety to land owners. Bitland's registration scheme creates an immutable blockchain record that ensures people can register their properties permanently, and ownership data is available for confirmation for users from all over the world. The company is already working on expanding its projects and implementing them outside Ghana.