Coding Africa x Africa Agility Partnership Announcement

Coding Africa is happy to officially announce our new partner, Africa Agility. Our team is excited to start this important partnership with a fast-rising NGO that has been working hard to create empowering initiatives to support the talent economy of Africa. Welcome to our team, Africa Agility!

Through technical training, talent placement, and enterprise incubation, Africa Agility has been touching the lives of young African women and making sure they have opportunities to learn and develop themselves regardless of their financial conditions. The Africa Agility team values projects that can give these youngsters space and resources to work on tech-related abilities and ensure they are qualified for jobs in the technology industry.

Since 2018, Africa Agility has been on the front foot bringing initiatives that give young women in Africa the chance to develop their competencies. Their courses are focused on the AGILE framework, web development, machine learning, robotics, data science, artificial intelligence, and UI/UX design. The Africa Agility team is committed to programs that can empower young women and give them access to the same resources.  
Our team is united in one common goal: to positively impact the personal and professional futures of these young citizens and inspire them to work on building a better future for themselves. Africa Agility is inspiring mentorship for these bright young minds and nurturing the future of Africa's young population. The CEO of Coding Africa, George Hung, is overjoyed to work with them and to continue devoting time to developing training opportunities that will significantly influence the future of Africa and beyond.

The team at Coding Africa is honoured to work with individuals who care about the continent's future. The Africa Agility team has trained 6000+ young citizens and continues to invest their time and expertise in developing human resources. We are pleased to have them on our team as we consider the best ways to provide high-quality tech education to as many young people as possible across the African continent.

Africa Agility currently offer Blockchain tech through their partnership with Tingo groups, cyber security and networking through partnership with CISCO, Product management and scrum mastery through partnership with Scrum Alliance Inc and Boston University Agile innovation Lab. They have plans to expand their partnerships with various stakeholders throughout Africa and the rest of the world. Together, we want to build a dynamic movement that will positively impact youth development and the future of many African communities.

Speaking on the partnership "We are excited to be partnering with Coding Africa, as the partnership will enable us offer more courses to our community as well as expand to other countries, we are invested in touching the lives of 5 million young women by 2023 and we see this partnership helping achieve this"  says  Anu Gopald, Founder Africa Agility.

We hope to see young professionals from Africa thriving in the global community and grabbing every chance they have to improve their lives. Through this new partnership, Africa Agility will collaborate with Coding Africa in creating fresh plans to broaden the appeal of our programs and curriculum and spread computer literacy throughout various African countries. We are eager to begin collaborating with them to help them achieve their ambitious 2030 goal of training 500,000 females. Welcome to our team!

About Coding Africa

Coding Africa is an initiative developed by Kampay that aims to empower young Africans to find opportunities in technology (including blockchain) to better their lives and change the world. Additionally, by implementing a "Learn to Earn" philosophy, we will give students the opportunity to invest in their skills and get the most out of their education.

About KamPay

KamPay entered the cryptocurrency market to be part of an economic revolution that can trigger positive changes all over Africa. The business is run by a multifaceted team that combines expertise and resources to revolutionise how users handle mobile money and cryptocurrencies and provides digital solutions that could be game-changing for the African economy. KamPay envisions and strives daily to ensure that its products and services can grow alongside the fastest-growing economy in the world and satisfy the unique requirements of the crypto market. This is due to the exponential growth of both mobile adoption and cryptocurrencies.

About Africa Agility

A non-profit organisation called Africa Agility was founded with the goal of empowering African development and bringing worthwhile educational initiatives to various African communities. This rapidly growing company offers young African women the chance to learn more about the tech industry and hone tech-related skills.  Africa Agility is committed to opening up new avenues so that these young professionals can enter the market in the future with all the required credentials.