Coding Africa - Where are we now

On November 2021, we announced that our team would be working along with SHARKCODERS to build a coding learning platform for children and teens all around Africa, providing them with a brighter future. Since then, many things have happened: we’ve partnered with AGS to improve Government communication, started working on a new platform, partnered with Between Collective to build the Coding Africa official website (link) and are now working on many things to come in the next few months.

If this is your first time hearing about Coding Africa, this project aims to empower young people to find opportunities in technology (including blockchain) to better their lives and change the world. And by implementing a “Learn to Earn” concept, we will enable students to invest in their abilities and make the most out of their education.

With all that said, we thought you might want to hear some project updates straight from the source, so we invited Andreas Vilela, SHARKCODERS Founder & CEO, for a quick interview, to make sure you are all up to date with the journey so far. 

Here is what he had to say:

How is the project going?

[Andreas] The project is going very well. The whole team is extremely motivated and focused on starting to roll-out this project in Africa. We really believe this project will impact Africa's future generations.  We’re highly proud of making this possible in partnership with KamPay.

How is the new platform working?

[Andreas] The new platform (SHARKCODERS Platform 2.0) it’s working pretty well, and our pedagogical team is currently setting everything up on resources and all activities for students (K1-K4 lessons). 

When will people have access to it?

[Andreas] We are already testing out the newest platform and fixing small issues on the software development side (internal testing for now). By the way, we will be giving public access before the public launch (ETA - April 2022) to anyone interested in the project.

How is the partnership with AGS helping the project move forward?

[Andreas] It has been very important and a key partner to move the project forward in Africa. They are bridging the gap, leveraging their relationships with governments and other companies to help us take the program to new countries and give even more children a fantastic learning opportunity. We’re so proud of this partnership and know we will achieve great things together.

What are the plans for next month?

[Andreas] The plans are essentially two: cultural adaptation (incl. French language & content preparation) and new feature developments on the platform (ex: marketplace that will allow students to swap points earned for assets). We are counting on our partners to help us out on cultural adaptation during February (next few weeks).

This is all the updates we have for this month, but don’t worry, we have many more to come in the next few weeks. Make sure you don’t miss anything, follow us on Twitter and join the conversation over on Telegram.

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