Coding Africa Launch Announcement

KamPay announces today the launch of Coding Africa, an educational initiative to empower the African youth with coding skills

KamPay proudly announces today the launch of our new project, Coding Africa. In the past few months, we have been working on developing a learning platform to equip the African youth with coding and tech knowledge, empowering them with more and better options for their future. 

Our first product, developed in Collaboration with Sharkcoders, a network of Coding Schools based in Portugal, is a gamified program that teaches children as young as 5 about the building blocks of programming and coding. As they level up, tasks get more complex, and they earn financial rewards in KamPay tokens - so they are exposed to crypto and blockchain technology early as well. KamPay believes that knowledge is the only way to enact change sustainably, so our learn-to-earn design was carefully thought out to encourage students to keep investing their time in their learning and encourage them to dedicate themselves to classes.

Currently, coding courses are available in three languages, English, Portuguese and French, so it can spark the interest of local children in different African countries, making sure that the program adapts to their needs and resonates with their culture and surroundings. Our aim for Coding Africa is to provide a creative approach that can attract and encourage African kids and teens to engage in tech-related fields. The methodologies are based on storytelling and gaming strategies that will make the learning process fun and interactive. Children in K1 - K4 can already join the program, and our team is working to make Coding Africa available for other groups, embracing young learners from K5 to K12 as well. As KamPay values accessibility and simplicity, our platform is intuitive and will soon be available in a mobile version to facilitate access and amplify the reach of our project.

This May, our journey begins with our launch event at Loveworld International School in Nungua, Ghana. We have organised a Coding Day where our platform will have its first users, with 200 children having their first opportunity to delve into coding. This event has been made possible with the help of our partners at Cudos, a decentralised cloud computing network that is using the power of blockchain to make computing sustainably cost-effective and empower people and organisations to earn and save through cheaper, accessible computing resources.

As well as helping to fund our rollout event, Cudos is supplying Loveworld International School with two laptops for their students to continue to use to further their education. Each piece of equipment will have Cudos technology installed so that whilst not in use, these devices will be able to generate income for the school and minimise the ecological strain modern technology puts on our planet.

"We share a devotion for sustainable tech development and economic empowerment of vulnerable communities. That is why we are absolutely thrilled to partner with Kampay to support the Coding Africa program. This revolutionary movement will empower and educate the next generation of young talent in Africa by providing open-source access to blockchain technology and showcase the power it has to change people's lives for the better." commented David Pugh-Jones, Chief Marketing Officer, Cudos.

Our team has big plans for this project, and we will soon expand the program to other countries - next up is Zimbabwe. “We are excited to kick off the program with such great partners. The goal is to equip children with the skills of the future and present them with opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have”, states Dr Chris Cleverly, KamPay’s CEO.

Over the coming months, we are looking to expand our programs with additional partnerships with schools and build a network of computer labs inside schools throughout the continent. Throughout Europe, Australasia, and the Americas, children have access to computers and smart devices on a daily basis, so we want to close this gap and give young people in Africa the same sort of access. 

Join us in our mission to promote tech literacy in Africa, we would love to hear from you. We believe that collaboration is key to getting our program to as many schools across the continent as quickly as possible. To find out more about how to get involved in the Coding Africa Program through one of our sponsorship or partnership options, please contact our team.’

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Keep an eye on our channels to stay updated on the Coding Africa project and to see the success of our rollout event in the coming weeks.


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About Coding Africa

Coding Africa is an initiative developed by Kampay that aims to empower young people in Africa to find opportunities in technology (including blockchain) to better their lives and change the world. And by implementing a “Learn to Earn” concept, we will enable students to invest in their abilities and make the most out of their education.

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KamPay Token is a DeFi stack designed for the wants and needs of Africans, working together with key partnerships across the continent they’re looking to achieve an African economic revolution with low-fee crypto wallet and transactions, internet-less crypto capabilities, earning opportunities for participants, and educational programs for youth.

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