Coding Africa Ambassador Announcement: Welcome Patrick Njoroge Wachira

Coding Africa is happy to announce our new ambassador and advisor Patrick Njoroge Wachira!

Patrick Njoroge Wachira is indeed a prodigy. He is only 13 years old and already has a company of his own. In 2020, he founded the PNW Innovation Program, an initiative that now runs under his administration as a CEO. Patrick’s program was created to bring more educational possibilities to Kenyan kids and university students, and we are excited to have him as part of the Coding Africa team. He shares the same goals as the Coding Africa team and believes in the power of spreading access to education to help young professionals and children in Kenya walk towards a brighter future.

Patrick was only 10 years old when the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed his routine. He dedicated his free time to learn more about computer science and became completely immersed in the world of technology and also helping his peers in the underprivileged student communities in Kenya to access online learning during the Pandemic. With his powerful curiosity about this field, he developed a working prototype that can detect sludges and toxic materials in sewage systems, and send signals to control rooms, giving professionals room to take action to prevent clots. Patrick’s groundbreaking robotic prototype attracted worldwide attention. In 2020, he was formally invited to Exhibit at the Annual Investment meeting at the Dubai Exhibition Centre at Dubai Expo  2020 . Patrick enrolled in a course with a well recognized accredited institution in the UAE to expand his knowledge. Patrick is currently setting up a fully equipped STEM lab in Nairobi, Kenya which is near completion and now working towards acquiring his PNW Mobile Robotics sSTEM labs built in buses and trucks that he will use to bring his project to different parts of the African continent. Patrick wishes to teach young minds across Kenya and other African countries and wishes to share some of his programming, coding, and hardware skills with professionals of the future.  The official launch date for his new project is set for October 2022  

Patrick is a great addition to Coding Africa, and we are pleased to have a like-minded young professional like him on our team. Patrick’s ideas were also developed to bring more quality tech-related education to African children, and we know his skills will help us go further. Coding Africa is dedicated to giving children the necessary skills and resources to prepare them for a brighter professional journey in the tech world. We offer coding courses for a variety of coding languages and are currently expanding our curriculum to include a wider range of skills such as blockchain technology and mobile application creation; we believe these are the skills of the future. Patrick is now an important part of our journey towards bringing coding literacy to children all over Africa. We are sure he has so much to share with our learners and can’t wait to see how far they can go together. 

We are excited for the next steps with Patrick on board with us and look forward to working with him to keep getting closer to our goals. The Coding Africa family is happy to have you with us. To get updates about our project and patterns, access our official website and follow our social media accounts.